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Production status and market analysis of plastic additives

there are many other additives, and many varieties on the market are produced in China. Fluoropolymer processing aids need to be developed when converting film resins from LDPE to LLDPE. Nucleating agent is suitable for PP, nylon and other plastics. It can accelerate the crystallization process of resin by providing crystal nucleus, so as to improve the rigidity of products, shorten the molding cycle, and improve the transparency and gloss of products regardless of the type of universal testing machine. Nucleating agents include aryl alkyl phosphates and sorbitols, among which sorbitols are the most widely used and the products are updated quickly. The second generation products have better transparency than the first generation products, but they have aldehyde smell. Therefore, Milliken chemical company of the United States industrialized the third product millad3988 in the 1990s, which can improve the transparency as much as possible, will not bring odor to the products, and can be unconditionally used in any processing process. At present, China can only produce the first and second generation products, and the third generation 3988 with two imports is expensive

filling agents such as kaolin, talc powder and calcium carbonate can be produced by using China's rich minerals, and the production and application of coupling agents improve the filling performance of minerals. The filler industry should strengthen cooperation with the coupling agent industry and produce more surface treatment fillers with strong applicability. There are a wide variety of coupling agents in China, including various silane, titanate, aluminate, solid aluminum titanate and rare earth

the lubricant used in plastic processing consumes a lot and is widely used. The main varieties are ethylene bis stearic acid amide (EBS) and ethylene bis. In 2015, the import and export volume of non-ferrous metals in China increased significantly, including oleic acid amide (EBO), fatty amide, stearic acid, polyol ester, oleamide, etc. Lubricant fatty acid soaps are generally prepared by two-step reactions. China should study and promote the one-step process, select appropriate catalysts, and directly prepare fatty acid zinc, calcium and other metal soaps from fatty acids and metal oxides. We should also make use of lignite in China as soon as possible to produce refined lignite wax acid, and then produce metal soaps such as sodium lignite wax. These substances have many functions such as lubricant, mold release agent, flow modifier, nucleating agent and so on in the processing of transparent PVC, PBT, PPS, PPO and nylon, and have excellent performance. At present, the processing capacity of domestic rigid PVC resin is 500~600kt, and it requires more than 5000t of various lubricants based on the addition of 0.5% - 1.0%. The production of plastic pipes, doors and windows, and profiled materials in China is increasing year by year, and the demand for lubricants is also increasing year by year. It is necessary to pay attention to the development of composite lubricants suitable for high-speed and high-temperature processing. Products should be refined, multifunctional, dust-free and low toxicity. It is expected that the domestic lubricant demand will exceed 15kt next year, and the consumption proportion of high-performance and specialized varieties will increase. There are many kinds of plastic additives, which are widely used. In addition to the above varieties, there are anti mildew agents, fungicides, plastic film antifogging agents, etc

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