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Production status and market analysis of methyl ethyl ketone

methyl ethyl ketone, also known as 2-butanone, or MEK for short, is an important low boiling point solvent. Methyl ethyl ketone has excellent dissolution and drying characteristics, can form azeotropes with many solvents, and has strong solubility for various fiber derivatives, synthetic rubber, grease, higher fatty acids. It is widely used in oil refining, lubricant dewaxing, dyes, coatings, adhesives, printing inks, etc. In addition, methyl ethyl ketone is also an important chemical raw material for the preparation of catalysts, antioxidants, polyurethane, vinyl resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, phenolic resin and tape. It is one of the chemical products in short supply in China, with an annual import volume of 100000 tons

1. production status

at present, there are mainly two-step synthesis methods of n-butene, isobutyl benzene, gas-phase oxidation of butene, liquid-phase oxidation of butane, fermentation and so on. Since the industrialization of methyl ethyl ketone in the 1960s, the world has increased at a rate of 5 ~ 10%. At present, the world's total production capacity is about 1.2 million t/a, and the actual output is about 900000 T/A. The production and consumption are mainly concentrated in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other industrial developed countries and regions

China has built a 1700t/a methyl ethyl ketone production unit in Fushun No.2 petrochemical plant as early as the 1960s. Due to the problems of process, equipment corrosion and pollution, the actual output has been hovering around 200t, which is difficult to meet the needs of the domestic market in terms of product quality and quantity. After the 1990s, China began to vigorously develop the development of methyl ethyl ketone and successively built many sets of methyl ethyl ketone production units. At present, the main domestic methyl ethyl ketone manufacturers include Heilongjiang Petrochemical plant, Jiangsu Taizhou Petrochemical General Plant, Jinan refinery, Fushun Petroleum second plant, Hubei Jingmen refinery, Jiangsu Zhongdan group company, etc. The total production capacity is about 50000 T/A. In recent years, methyl ethyl ketone has developed rapidly in China, and many enterprises are building or planning to expand production units. It is estimated that the total production capacity of methyl ethyl ketone in China will reach 80000 T/a by the end of 2002. Although the production capacity of domestic methyl ethyl ketone has increased rapidly, the actual output of domestic enterprises is low due to various factors. In addition, domestic demand has increased rapidly, and domestic production is difficult to meet domestic demand. In recent years, the import volume has shown a rising trend. From 1997 to 2000, the import volume of methyl ethyl ketone in China was 66600 tons, 79500 tons, 90800 tons and 102100 tons respectively

2. Application and market

in recent years, the production and demand of methyl ethyl ketone in the world are relatively stable. There is no large methyl ethyl ketone in the world to ensure your work quality and progress. The consumption composition of methyl ethyl ketone in the world is 63% coating, 11% tape, 9% chemical raw materials, 7% adhesive and 10% others. In 2000, the total output of methyl ethyl ketone in the world reached 88000 ~ 900000 tons, and the total demand was about 890000 tons, which was basically balanced between production and demand. In China, methyl ethyl ketone is mainly used in coating, solvent dewaxing and tape production. In addition, it also has a certain consumption in neoprene adhesive and polyurethane adhesive

in terms of coatings, in the past, the grade of coatings produced in China was relatively low, and methyl ethyl ketone was imported, which was expensive. Therefore, methyl ethyl ketone was rarely or never used in coatings, while the amount of solvent in foreign high-end coatings was 30%, of which methyl ethyl ketone accounted for about 20% in solvent formula. With the rapid development of our national economy, especially in the construction and automotive industry, the demand for high-grade coatings is increasing. In recent years, China's coating industry has developed rapidly. Many famous foreign coating manufacturers have established factories in China by means of sole proprietorship or joint venture. For example, the Japanese paint company invested US $6million in 1998 to expand its phase II project in Shanghai and produce paint for Shanghai General Motors Corporation; At the end of 1998, another 8million US dollars was invested to establish a paint factory in Guangzhou to supply Guangzhou Honda Motor Company; In addition, they also invested US $5million to build a paint factory for construction in Langfang, Hebei Province. Swire paint invested nearly 200million yuan to build a decorative paint factory in Shanghai. These large quantities of high-grade coatings have been put into production and use, which greatly increases the consumption of methyl ethyl ketone in coatings. It is estimated that the coating industry needs 85000 tons of methyl ethyl ketone in 2002. At present, the content of methyl ethyl ketone in most high-grade acrylic and polyurethane coating solvent formulas in China is far lower than the world average level. In addition, China's automobile and construction industry is developing rapidly, and the grade of house decoration is constantly rising. Therefore, the domestic coating industry has great potential demand for methyl ethyl ketone

lubricating oil dewaxing, methyl ethyl ketone can be used as oil dewaxing in refineries to produce lubricating oil. According to Sinopec statistics, in 2000, its affiliated enterprises used about 13000 tons of methyl ethyl ketone for oil dewaxing. According to the operating procedures of Yantai Laizhou Huayin HR ⑴ 50A Rockwell hardness tester, it is estimated that in 2002, domestic lubricating oil dewaxing requires more than 14000 tons of methyl ethyl ketone. Methyl ethyl ketone is an excellent solvent for polyurethane in tape production. It is estimated that China will produce 80billion m of tape in 2002, requiring about 5000t of methyl ethyl ketone. In terms of adhesives, the growth of domestic demand has accelerated, and it is estimated that about 1800t of methyl ethyl ketone will be consumed in 2002. The demand will further increase in the future. In other aspects, the demand for methyl ethyl ketone is also increasing steadily. It is estimated that about 12000 tons of methyl ethyl ketone will be consumed in 2002

to sum up, it is estimated that China will need 117800 tons of methyl ethyl ketone by 2002

3. It is suggested that

methyl ethyl ketone is an important petrochemical raw material. It is assumed that with the existing domestic production capacity and the full development of several sets of devices to be built, including laminated materials, fiber-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, there is still a large gap compared with domestic demand, and the shutdown or semi shutdown caused by the backward process of the early construction production line and the poor product quality are not considered. In the next few years, China's automobile, construction and other industries have a good momentum of development, and the demand for methyl ethyl ketone will increase significantly. Therefore, domestic qualified enterprises should seize the opportunity to build or expand methyl ethyl ketone. What magic has Jinchengli applied to conquer the evaluation committee of two high-level competitions? Production devices have bright prospects for development. Suggestions for units preparing to develop methyl ethyl ketone are as follows:

the average capacity of methyl ethyl ketone units in the world is more than 50000 T/A. at present, except for a few developing countries that build 10000 t/a units, the vast majority of single line production capacity is more than 50000 T/A. in order to participate in global competition in the future, the capacity of domestic newly-built or expanded methyl ethyl ketone units is at least 30000 T/A

the production of methyl ethyl ketone has certain requirements for raw materials, and there are many process synthesis routes. It is suggested to choose the production address in the area with a good industrial foundation, sufficient supply of raw materials and close to the downstream product device. In addition, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate various advanced processes at home and abroad, and carefully select the production route that conforms to the national conditions and plant conditions according to local conditions

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