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Production status and market analysis of plastic additives -- plasticizer

plasticizer is a kind of plastic additives with the largest output and consumption in China, with a total production capacity of nearly 800kt/A. It is estimated that the demand for plasticizers in 2005 will be 700kt. The existing students are the testing instruments for developing new products, discussing rubber formula and verifying product resources. The production capacity can meet the market demand. The key is to pay attention to the development of new varieties, expand the output of special performance plasticizers and improve product quality. The demand for plasticizers in 2010 is estimated to reach 800kt

plasticizer dioctyl phthalate (DOP) accounts for about 45% of the total output of plasticizers, and most of the advanced non acid catalytic process is used to produce DOP in China. The plasticizer plant of Qilu Petrochemical Company reformed the imported 50kt/a unit to operate under the load of 70~80kt/a

China's high carbon alcohols have raised 168million yuan through stock issuance, and the auxiliary industry should make full use of this raw material to develop new varieties. The plasticizer plant of Qilu Petrochemical Company has put into operation the plasticizer 810 ester, which can be used as the main plasticizer of PVC. Its plasticizing efficiency is high, and its heat resistance, volatility resistance, weather resistance, hygiene and product transparency are better than DOP. It can replace diisopropyl phthalate (DINP), dioctyl sebacate (DOS) and other plasticizers in PVCR products with high performance requirements. The plasticizer industry can use China's rich paraffin resources to produce chlorinated paraffin, In recent years, the output of chlorinated paraffin is about 50kt/a, followed by mature production technology. In addition, the output of ethylene glycol in China has reached 600kt/a, and polyols such as diethylene glycol are by-products, which are cheap and easy to obtain. The plasticizer industry should continue to digest these raw materials and produce and develop new plasticizers. For example, the price of the developed diethylene glycol benzoate is low, and the manufacturing industry of chemical raw materials and chemicals increased by 9.8% year-on-year. The product has low volatility, good cold resistance, low toxicity, and has a bright future. Naphthenate plasticizers include cyclohexyl naphthenate, isooctyl ester and ethylene glycol ester. The tensile strength and elongation at break of plastic products plasticized with them are better than DOP, and they are also varieties that can be developed. In addition, in order to improve the special properties of plastic products, the market share of phosphate esters, ester brain acid esters, epoxy, trimellitic acid esters and polyester plasticizers will increase, and the development should be accelerated

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