Asia will become the region with growth potential

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Asia will become a region with growth potential in the industrial printing market

according to the latest research report on the global industrial printing market released by smitherspira, Asia is rapidly becoming a region with growth potential in the industrial printing market, with a strong development momentum. By 2018, Asia will account for 43% of the global industrial printing market, while the loss of life and property in 2013 was only 38.8% in 1897. In addition, the prospects for the industrial printing market in Western Europe and North America are also promising

industrial printing is mainly used for decorations, substrate (including floor) surfaces, ceramics, glass, automobiles and many promotional/miscellaneous items, as well as the applications of printed electronic products and biomedical fields being explored by many research groups. Among them, the driving force for the growth of industrial printing market mainly comes from the new demand of the global economic recovery for the construction industry and automobile industry, as well as the application of industrial printing in the electronic and biomedical fields, which has more potential

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