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Nord will continue to launch new products and strengthen strategic investment

in fiscal 2019, Nord will continue to maintain a stable and targeted growth, with sales reaching 750million euros. The normal protection of instruments can extend the service life of yuan, and the investment in factories and logistics has further promoted its development. During the epidemic period, Nord continued to maintain a good operating state and position, and its development activities and investment continued to proceed as planned. Nord is a strong partner of customers in the field of driving technology

through innovation and strategic investment in industrial 4.0 driven solutions, Nord's sales reached 750million euros last year

at present, Nord's office area in Suzhou factory has expanded by 2400 square meters, and the industrial gearbox assembly and logistics area and coating department have been expanded in the Waunakee factory in the United States. In addition, Nord's newly-built electric button on computer experimental machine factory in wiechlice, Poland, has been completed, expanding its production scale. The area of the motor assembly and stator manufacturing factory is about 10000 square meters, which has been put into use. At the same time, nowa SL factory, 40 kilometers away from it, is building a new factory with an area of 10000 square meters for production, assembly and logistics, which will be completed by the end of 2020. From the beginning of 2021, Nord will build a small automated parts warehouse, packaging station, logistics building and related goods receiving and distribution area in the plant area of bargteheide, Germany

expand innovative product portfolio

last year, Nord successfully launched a series of innovation driven technology products. By expanding its product portfolio competitively, Nord discussed future important topics such as industry 4.0, energy efficiency and diversification of drive solutions. Its new nordac Pro sk 500p represents a milestone in inverter innovation, providing better functions, connectivity and modular performance. In addition to improving the characteristics and performance, this new generation of inverter also adopts the proven nordac parameter structure, which is physically and functionally compatible

comprehensive and efficient

Nord's new ie5+ synchronous motor has higher energy efficiency, further improving the motor series. Since the efficiency can be kept constant in the field of operation, the motor is especially suitable for applications such as simplified models and internal logistics. In addition, nordcon app is widely welcomed by users in the field of driving technology. It provides mobile debugging and service solutions for Nord's driving devices, and speeds up the installation, maintenance and fault diagnosis of high-performance fiber material industry clusters in Shaoxing, Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou and Tongxiang. In the field of heavy-duty applications, Nord's new maxxdrive XT industrial gearbox further improves the maxxdrive series and optimizes the proven modular system for applications with high thermal power limits

Nord's state monitoring 3. Restart the second pre start test and predictive maintenance concept expand the application scope of this series of products. Through this concept, Nord can implement an economical solution to detect unauthorized working conditions at an early stage and avoid unplanned downtime of small reducers and large industrial gearboxes

reliable partner in the field of drive technology

since its establishment 55 years ago, Nord has always been a trusted partner in the industry. As a medium-sized family business, Nord continues to develop new innovative products and service solutions in the field of driving technology. Nord has professional engineers in 36 countries and regions around the world, who can provide professional advice to customers in more than 100 industries. At the same time, Nord has reliable manufacturing and logistics capabilities in Germany, Europe, Asia and North America. Its assembly and service points are all over the world, and it can provide stable services even in difficult circumstances

Nord maxxdrive XT further improves the maxxdrive industrial gearbox series, optimizes the proven modular system, and is suitable for applications with high thermal power limits

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