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XCMG competes for the world stage at the North American construction machinery exhibition. XCMG competes for the world stage at the North American construction machinery exhibition. Introduction: in March, one of the three largest construction machinery exhibitions in the world and the largest construction machinery exhibition in the Americas, CONEXPO Las Vegas, was held in Las Vegas, USA. For XCMG group, the most representative enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, participating in CONEXPO

in March, CONEXPO, one of the three largest construction machinery exhibitions in the world and the largest construction machinery exhibition in the Americas, was held in Las Vegas, USA

for XCMG, the most representative enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, participating in CONEXPO has long been a routine action. However, even if they have been regular visitors to the exhibition, the products brought by XCMG group have always been an indispensable choice for foreign companies and users to spy on China's construction machinery technology and product level

this time, XCMG's exhibition area has reached 1200 square meters, and all its product series have appeared. Among the beautiful "XCMG gold", the most eye-catching excavator is xe210cu, xe240lcu and xe360u, which are developed for the North American market

appearance! XCMG excavator's magnificent chant

in fact, in 2013, XCMG group has more than 100 excavator products successfully entered the U.S. market. This appearance at CONEXPO is more like a heavy blow - it declares that XCMG excavator is not a new participant in technology from scratch, but an integrator of China's excavator industry that directly competes with the world's top excavator brands

as the "birthplace" of global construction machinery and one of the three traditional markets, whether North America can successfully enter it is regarded as an important benchmark to measure the global position of an enterprise. After completing the "landing war" in the U.S. market in 2013, XCMG xe900c excavator and xe700c excavator went to ocean in October of the same year and were successfully delivered to Australian customers

for China's excavator industry, these two export orders are of milestone significance. Both the United States and Australia are high-end markets in the world. Many Chinese Excavator enterprises are deterred by stringent safety standards and strict energy-saving and environmental protection indicators. Compared with foreign-funded enterprises, the market share of Chinese local brands in this market is too low, and large tonnage excavators have been blank

XCMG excavator's export to the global high-end market undoubtedly injects a strong impetus into the national brand. Behind the realization of this breakthrough, XCMG excavators concentrated on technological innovation and the unremitting pursuit of revitalizing national brands. However, it took only five years to realize such achievements. We have to ask, how did XCMG excavator achieve this

thick product! The opportunity to become a king in intensive research will only favor those who are prepared. Excavator industry is a "three high" industry with high internationalization, high technology and high investment, and the market competition is extremely fierce. It is no coincidence that such remarkable achievements can be achieved

both Carter and the United States should check regularly; After the agreement of biele company broke up, Xuzhou XCMG excavation machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XCMG excavator) was officially put into operation in November 2008. As the most representative and large-scale local construction machinery industry, XCMG group began to explore the way to revitalize the national excavator brand

relying on XCMG's strong capital, brand strength and technical accumulation, XCMG's product revenue exceeded 1billion in just over a year. In 2013, the product sales exceeded 9000 units at one fell swoop. It took five years to go through the development path of the same industry for 10 or even 20 years, and the growth rate ranked first in the industry for consecutive years. This rapid development speed is called (2) admixture "XCMG speed" by the industry

"excavator is an indispensable industry of construction machinery, and it is also a strategic and decisive industry for the development of XCMG. XCMG excavator should build a domestic first-class and internationally renowned excavator brand with a new enterprise, new mechanism, new culture and new products!" Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, clearly put forward the goal and requirements of "building a first-class excavator industry"

small excavation makes fine, medium excavation makes strong, and large excavation makes excellent. At the beginning of its establishment, LiZong, the assistant general manager of XCMG group and the general manager of XCMG excavator, made an accurate planning and positioning of the products and clarified the ideas of product research and development. Relying on XCMG's global R & D collaboration platform, XCMG excavator has strengthened the R & D of core technologies and core hydraulic parts, achieved nearly 100 breakthroughs in core technologies, and has been successfully applied in a series of products

turning to the heavy product type spectrum, XCMG excavators produced by some foreign manufacturers have covered a full range of 1 ton to 300 ton large, medium and small products, and mining machinery products cover 30 ton to 60 ton articulated dump trucks and 100 ton to 400 ton electric wheel dump trucks. Xe370ca crawler hydraulic excavator won the 2013 Top50 "gold medal for technological innovation", and the "intelligent upgrading and transformation project for large tonnage excavator manufacturing" was listed as a special project for the revitalization of key industries and technological transformation with great market potential by the state

excellent product performance results in a high degree of market recognition and a rapid increase in market share. In 2011, XCMG won the largest export order of China's construction machinery with a total value of 4.842 billion yuan, including 300 excavators. In 2013, among the 70 ton excavator market share rankings, XCMG's independently developed xe700c crawler hydraulic excavator took the lead with a share of 34.7%, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on large tonnage excavator products, and the sales scale of the whole series of mainstream products ranked in the forefront of the industry

in just five years, the technical level, manufacturing strength and market scale have been in the forefront of the industry, which is a miracle. Be sober, confident, focused and persistent. This may be the winning way for XCMG excavator, a "latecomer" in the industry, to achieve leapfrog development at an amazing speed, and it is also the unique strength and bearing of XCMG group, an enterprise with decades of cultural accumulation

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