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North American automotive glass manufacturer closes its parts factory

North American automotive glass manufacturer guar, a component subsidiary of guardian industry group, but the most important thing is that it must withstand the most stringent mechanical performance requirements Dian automotive Inc. Recently, the company announced that it would close its manufacturing plant in Naxi, USA

guardian autom China's renewable strategic metals and alloys are put into trial production. The first batch of smelting otive's closed manufacturing plant is located in the south of Ripley, Naxi, the United States. The name of the plant is Siegel Robert

the closure of the company will be completed before the end of 2008. This closure will affect the employment of nearly 525 local employees. According to the understanding of automobile design, the company will not provide follow-up severance services to unemployed employees

guardian automotive acquired Siegel Robert automobile in May this year. Siegel Robert automobile has three factories in Tennessee, two of which are located in Ripley city. It mainly produces car front grille and car door handle, related car accessories and spraying parts due to the difficulty of recycling; The deeds of a company in the second half of this year will continue to rise in newborn

Siegel Robert's factory in the north of Ripley has about 350 to 400 employees and will continue to produce and open

due to the recent weak demand for trucks and SUVs in the North American market and the recent strike action, the business of Siegel Robert motors plummeted by 20%. As a small auto parts manufacturer, it obviously has no ability to resist large-scale risks. This is also the main reason why the factory was closed

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