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Huainan Changbi: continue to explore and innovate and create brilliant achievements

with the rapid development of the coal industry, the high-yield and efficient working faces of domestic coal mines continue to increase, and the demand for coal machinery and equipment is also developing towards heavy-duty, mechanization and automation, and the requirements for the reliability and stability of equipment are also higher and higher. With the rapid development of the coal industry, the high-yield and efficient working faces of domestic coal mines are increasing. The demand for coal machinery and equipment is also developing towards heavy-duty, mechanization and automation. Moreover, the requirements for the reliability and stability of equipment are also higher and higher. In recent years, Huainan Changbi Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. has continuously researched and developed a series of products such as fully mechanized coal mining, fully mechanized top coal caving, general mining scraper conveyor, transfer machine, crusher, coal plough, transfer machine self moving system, belt conveyor self moving tail and so on, based on 30 years of experience in manufacturing fully mechanized mining equipment, guided by market demand, using scientific management system, unique creativity and thinking, and advanced technical equipment, It has formed 6 categories, 32 series, 423 varieties and specifications, slot width from 630mm to 1350mm, and installed power from 40 to 3000 kW, which basically meets the requirements of conveying equipment used in coal mine underground operation

pay attention to key technological innovation and build a well-known brand

Huainan Changbi has always taken the pursuit of excellence as the core value of the enterprise, and strive to realize the enterprise mission of creating profits with excellent products and winning with excellent quality, so as to make the ball impact testing machine in good working condition, have a long service life and gain reputation. We have introduced technology and management talents for many times, properly handled the relationship between technology introduction and digestion, absorption and innovation, carried out targeted research, and worked hard to master the core technology and key technology with independent intellectual property rights. Through continuous efforts and innovation, it has formed 12 utility model products suitable for two kinds of chains, such as mine conveyor scraper, baffle side axial pull skylight middle slot, mine asymmetric connection middle slot, multi-functional skylight middle slot, general pin row, and has obtained patent certificates. It has 17 patent technologies being applied for, 11 national standards have been prepared in the past three years, and 2 provincial and ministerial level or above scientific and technological progress awards

in 2008, Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission recognized the sgz800/1050 scraper conveyor as a new product of Anhui Province in 2010. Subsequently, the shrinkage strength of foam foamed by science and technology heating in Anhui Province was significantly higher than that of foam foamed at room temperature. The Department of development and Reform Commission of Anhui Province, the economic and Information Technology Commission of Anhui Province and the Department of finance of Anhui Province recognized the model as an independent innovation product of Anhui Province in 2010 and issued a certificate. At the same time, it will be publicized to the whole society by the science and Technology Department of Anhui Province. This marks the company's technological innovation and high-tech products to a new level

adhere to service innovation and win good reputation

Huainan Changbi examines the market with a long-term strategic vision, pursues high-quality customer service relations, and realizes the harmonious coexistence between enterprises and customers. To this end, the company starts from the source, strictly controls the quality, and practically completes the basic work of improving product quality. After the products arrive at the home, the company carries out after-sales service until the products are successfully operated, so as to strive to improve customer satisfaction and Changbi's credit

with the gradual formation of the company's brand, the market share of the company's products continues to expand, gradually forming and stabilizing the markets of Huaihe River, Northeast China, Shanxi, Shaanxi and southwest China in China

in October 2010, relying on the advantages of the international coal machinery group, the company participated in the bidding of conveying equipment in Australia. With the technical advantages tailored for customers, the company stood out in the project bidding, defeated domestic and international coal machinery manufacturing enterprises, successfully won the bid for the complete set of conveying equipment project of LDO company in Australia, and signed a contract of 17million yuan. It has set a precedent for domestic coal mine conveying equipment to be exported to developed countries. In July this year, the complete set of equipment arrived at the Australian customer factory and was successfully installed and debugged, which was affirmed and praised by the Australian side

accumulation, continuous innovation, research and development of products that meet the needs of the market

technological innovation is the foundation of the survival and development of modern enterprises. Only by constantly launching new products can enterprises remain young and invincible, and effective product development depends on excellent development teams. If you don't understand, contact our bar team. Huainan Changbi has always attached great importance to technological innovation and the cultivation of technical talents. In 2006, the company established a technology center, formulated a medium and long-term development plan for technology research and development, and established and improved various technology development work systems. The R & D center of the company dares to explore and actively innovate, absorbs all kinds of talents with innovative ability, firmly grasp the training, insight into the latest development direction of the industry, pay close attention to the cutting-edge technology of the industry, analyze the latest market demand, and actively develop new products, new technologies and new processes suitable for the development of the company. The center has complete test instruments, and has carried out extensive cooperation with the national safe production Taiyuan mining equipment testing and inspection center, Shanghai mining equipment testing and inspection center, Anhui University of science and technology, Anhui industry and trade school, etc

the company has formulated the "Regulations on the management of scientific and technological work", which establishes separate accounts for the initiation, approval, acceptance and project investment of the company's research and development projects. At the end of last year, the development, approval and accounting of new projects will be carried out. After the completion of the project, the inspection and acceptance, industrial test and production appraisal will be carried out

at the same time, the company also formulated the regulations on scientific research incentives to reward and motivate R & D personnel, further clarified the technical post system, formed a complete set of perfect innovation system, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of technical R & D personnel to explore and innovate. In 2008, the company's technology center was established as a municipal technology center by Huainan City. In 2010, the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

after years of continuous exploration, Huainan Changbi adheres to the corporate ethics of gratitude, dedication, teamwork, and win-win cooperation, and is committed to creating the development and production of a series of equipment to achieve high-yield and efficient coal collection in China under the conditions of medium thick coal seams, forming a complete set of fully mechanized mining equipment and technology with high technical content and good equipment performance, The overall equipment and technology level of scraper conveyor in China's comprehensive mechanized mining has been further improved, and China's high-yield and high-efficiency comprehensive mining technology has jumped to a new level

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