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Hualing LIANGANG held youth fellowship activities

recently, the youth fellowship activities of LIANGANG and Loudi municipal enterprises were grandly held in the beautiful Shuifu temple. 158 young men from LIANGANG and young women from Loudi municipal Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions gathered by the beautiful lake to stage the most romantic "love myth". This is the largest scale and number of regular youth networking activities organized by the Youth League Committee of Lianyungang steel over the years

Hualing LIANGANG held youth fellowship activities

Hualing LIANGANG held youth fellowship activities

2. Precautions for rubber low temperature brittleness testing machine. The fellowship adopts an all outdoor way of "approaching the lake and holding hands with the lake", and the youth collectively take four tourist buses to the Shuifu temple tourist area. The whole activity is divided into three links: ice breaking, self-help barbecue and bonfire party. At the event site, led by the expansion division, everyone was divided into seven groups for team display. The waving team flag, neat and uniform slogan, and impassioned team song gradually made the young people from strange to familiar, from shy to generous. The cry of "we must double up, and then continue to expand the operating area, right, never retreat alone" pushed the event to its first climax. In the self-help barbecue, everyone divides their work and cooperates, expresses their affection with cooking skills, transmits friendship with care, and quietly shines the spark of love in the happy cooperation. The climax of the whole activity occurred in the campfire party. Seven "fairies" sat in the "sedan chair" point built by the flower guards. Through them, they achieved effective supervision over the business households, ignited the campfire, and also ignited the enthusiasm of everyone on the scene. Rabbit dance, disco, fruit squat, wind fire wheel... Collective and individual interactive games were carried out one by one, and the climax of the scene was repeated, becoming a sea of joy... Between the lakes and mountains, On the night of the full moon, young men and women sang and danced around the campfire, showing themselves to their heart's content and telling each other good feelings. The flames of love were burning in the hearts of young people, and many of them sparked on the spot

the Youth League Committee of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. publicly solicited young women from the whole city through online forums, microblogs, and groups in advance. It also focused on holding hands with the Youth League Committee of Louxing district and the Youth League Committee of Loudi Central Hospital, and other units, large-scale, all the way outdoors. These elements triggered strong repercussions in the whole city, and the originally planned scale of 100 people's friendship continued to break the upper limit. In view of the large number of people, Lianyungang Youth League Committee and outdoor club worked together to carefully design the content, and the young people participating in the group expressed their deep appreciation for this kind of thoughtful care at the time of reading materials

in recent years, as an iron and steel enterprise, LIANGANG has an imbalance between men and women, and the emotional needs of young people have become the focus. In order to solve the personal problems of young employees, in the past two years alone, Lianyuan Steel League organizations at all levels have carried out more than 30 youth friendships, participated in more than 1000 young people, and achieved full coverage of single young people

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