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Huainan cable fire clay cable special

Huainan cable fire clay cable special

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product brand Pengchao fire retardant package product model yjdl production City Hebei shipping city total supply throughout the country 99999 minimum starting order 20 product unit price 2 unit of measurement package product details

Huainan cable fire clay cable special

our company is located in Beijing Tianjin Hebei In the center of the Bohai economic circle, it is an enterprise integrating the research, development, production and sales of cable fire clay, specializing in the production of fire-proof materials. All products have manufacturer's business license, inspection report, type approval certificate, quality assurance certificate and certificate of conformity. We also provide fireproof plugging construction and budget,

about the wholesale purchase of fireproof mud products for cable fireproof mud, choosing old brand fireproof mud manufacturers can ensure the quality, rest assured, and the price is comfortable to buy. The fireproof mud of manufacturers are all direct sales of manufacturers, and there is no middleman to earn manufacturers from them, so as to ensure that what each user buys is a reasonable price. Because of its unique flexible characteristics, the manufacturer's fireproof mud can be kneaded according to the needs during application to make it reach the required specifications and shapes. Fire clay is in the power plant, high "The products used in the fields that need fire prevention, such as the 23 line urban floor buildings and substations, are all products that can ensure good plugging. Users can use them with confidence and do not need to worry about product quality problems. The manufacturer of the fire-proof package, the price of the fire-proof package, address in this article.

our company has sophisticated equipment, strong technical force, and has developed vigorously relying on rich practical experience and good reputation. It is directly sold to manufacturers across the country: cable fire mud, fire-proof Fire board, fire bag, fire mud, explosion-proof mastic, fire resistance module, cable fire retardant coating, steel structure fire retardant coating and other high-quality fire-proof materials. At the same time, various fire-proof materials can be customized according to user requirements

people usually don't pay much attention to fire clay (2) after the above work is done, nail the formwork according to the size of the cave to be constructed, and plug in the adjusted inorganic plugging material. (3) Use method and material calculation of inorganic plugging material - during construction, the amount of plugging material shall be estimated according to the size of holes to be blocked, and then the plugging material shall be put into the container at the ratio of 1:0 Add water in the proportion of 7 to stir it into a paste and use it immediately. If the dosage is large, it is usually completed in several times

for cable fireproof mud, the product also has good plasticity, acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, and it is convenient for construction and maintenance, and can be combined with other plugging materials (such as fireproof bags). Finally, the application scope: dr-a3-jh-2 organic fireproof plugging material is suitable for plugging holes in industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding, metallurgy, power generation, post and Telecommunications when wires, cables and other penetrations pass through the wall, so as to prevent fires. After years of "decrypting" the EEG signal of melt and "commanding" the system research of manipulator gear pump, the flame spreads from holes to adjacent rooms. Our products are sold in large and medium-sized cities all over the country, and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, which are highly praised by the majority of users

for the performance index of cable fire clay: construction method: 1. Take out the organic fire blocking material and knead it into a ball. If the temperature is too low, the blocking material and the package can be heated in warm water of degrees Celsius before operation. 2. The holes to be blocked shall be cleaned before plugging. 3. The blocking material shall be evenly paved, embedded and filled in the gap of the hole. For larger holes, fire prevention can be used as the framework first to increase the strength

the products supplied by our company will be your favorite choice. If you have any questions, please call us or visit our company. We look forward to your visit

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