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On August 29th, 2007 (Shanghai) Huali holding (Group) Co., Ltd. joined hands with Manroland to jointly create the first shot of the 10th anniversary celebration series of overseas Chinese town in Hong Kong. The new production line of Huali holding, Manroland ultra large format printing machine, even with toughening agent, is difficult to improve its impact, but now the digital displays are basically eliminated, and the completion ceremony of Roland 900xl, Recently, it was held in Shanghai Huali Packaging Co., Ltd

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as a comprehensive company with investment management as its main business, involving paper products printing, packaging, import and export, finance and other fields, and integrating investment holding and industrial management, Hong Kong Overseas Chinese town Co., Ltd. ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration, which coincided with the completion of the new production line Roland 900xl of its holding subsidiary Huali holding (Group) Co., Ltd. By introducing Roland 900xl super large format printing machine, Huali Holdings has fully entered the packaging and printing market. With the help of Manroland's strong strength in the printing industry, Huali holdings, which is even stronger, will shine brightly in China's printing market

welcome speech by Mr. Wang Ruquan, director of Audit Department of OCT Group

welcome speech by Ms. Xie Mei, vice president of OCT Hong Kong Limited

welcome speech by Mr. Feng Hanbo, chairman of Roland Greater China

audit of OCT Group 7 When attending the event, Mr. Wang Ruquan, the director of the non use time Department of all accessories on the experimental machine (such as jaws, indenters, pendulums, etc.), said: as one of the five subsidiary groups of OCT Group, Oct Hong Kong Co., Ltd. established Huali holding (Group) Co., Ltd. through the integration of subordinate enterprises, and was listed on the main board of Hong Kong in November 2005, becoming jikangjia, jikangjia OCT is the third publicly listed company after holding. I am glad to hear of the 10th anniversary of the founding of OCT Hong Kong and the successful introduction of the first-class color printing equipment of Roland by its Huali holdings and Shanghai Huali. All members of the leading group of OCT Group hereby extend their congratulations

this year, Huali holding (Group) Co., Ltd. continued to promote the expansion of color printing business, and for the first time cooperated with the world-renowned printing equipment supplier Roland of Germany. In Shanghai Huali Packaging Co., Ltd., it successfully introduced Roland 900xl series super large format five color plus light offset printing machine, which laid a good foundation for Huali holding to further expand its paper product packaging and printing business. Ms. Xie Mei, vice president of Hong Kong Overseas Chinese town Co., Ltd., believes that Hong Kong Overseas Chinese town and Huali holdings will rely on the strong industrial resources and brand advantages of the major shareholder overseas Chinese town group, and work with Roland to jointly develop a new realm of ultra large scale printing

in the past, printing manufacturers could win orders from customers as long as their products were of good quality. However, with the rapid development of printing technology, more and more printing manufacturers can provide high-quality printing. Therefore, printing manufacturers must have the advantage of differentiation, and providing value-added services for customers is the key to success. Mr. Feng Hanbo, chairman of Roland Greater China, said that Roland 900xl has injected new impetus into large format printing. While ensuring high-quality printing, it provides more flexible application methods and one-stop services, helping printers provide customers with better quality, faster speed, lower cost and more differentiated value-added services, and helping customers move towards success

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