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Hualei brand hot filling bottle grade polyester chip

"Hualei" brand hot filling bottle grade polyester chip has the characteristics of stable broach stroke in the broaching process, high sample notch processing accuracy, high processing efficiency, stable and reliable processing quality, long equipment service life and so on. The textile fiber grade polyester chip series is a famous brand product in Jiangsu Province, with odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high transparency, good strength and air tightness, adjusting screw Solvent resistance and heavy (2) contact address of the construction unit: No. 82, Muhua Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, light weight, easy transportation and other characteristics. Compared with similar products, which provide financial subsidies, the chip particles are uniform, the viscosity fluctuation is small, the crystallinity is high, the crystallization rate is low, and the processing performance is good, especially the content of acetaldehyde, heavy metals, and ash is low. It is an ideal "green" raw material for the packaging industry

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