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Anti counterfeiting design in wine box packaging

with the development of science and technology, there are more and more anti-counterfeiting means. In order to obtain safe anti-counterfeiting effect, more anti-counterfeiting technology combinations are often adopted. Its anti-counterfeiting technology integrates physics, electromagnetism, optics, materials science, chemistry, biology, laser holographic image technology, computer technology, etc., forming an interdisciplinary subject, Among them, printing anti-counterfeiting also adopts the above technologies in combination or alone

first, in the common packaging anti-counterfeiting design, the effective anti-counterfeiting technologies often used are:

1. Paper anti-counterfeiting

paper is the basis of packaging and printing, and some special papers manufactured by special processes basically have anti-counterfeiting characteristics. There are mainly the following three kinds:

① watermark paper

in the process of papermaking, use technical means to make signs, patterns, etc. into the paper. These patterns are not easy to see under normal circumstances, and can only be seen against strong light. Watermark is still recognized as an effective anti-counterfeiting technology by anti-counterfeiting experts all over the world in today's era of developed science and technology. The types of watermarks can be divided into black and white watermarks or fixed watermarks, unfixed watermarks and semi fixed watermarks

② fiber paper

when making paper, paper with anti-counterfeiting effect can be made by adding fiber filaments or color dots to the pulp. The fibers mixed with pulp include color fibers and colorless fluorescent fibers

③ metal wire

in the process of papermaking, a metal wire or plastic wire is placed in the middle of the paper as anti-counterfeiting printing paper, and the effect is very good. It is generally divided into three types: open window type, half open window type and no open window type

2. Combination of multiple processes

the combination of various printing equipment and various printing processes to minimize the mutual penetration of the contraction of thermal stress and tensile reaction. The combination of printing processes such as glue, silk, concave, soft, bronzing, inkjet and so on makes the printed products more unpredictable and colorful. The packaging products printed with these new technologies have set many obstacles and resistance for those who try to fake

3. Anti counterfeiting ink

anti counterfeiting ink refers to a special printing ink made by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties into the ink binder and processing through special processes. It has the advantages of simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, convenient inspection and strong reproducibility. It is generally divided into UV fluorescent ink, temperature variable ink, light variable ink, magnetic ink, etc

4. Laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting technology

can not only reproduce the main image of the original, but also reproduce the shapes of different sides of the original according to the direction of the line of sight. Using the principle of white light diffraction grating, it presents colorful pictures, giving people a more vivid, lifelike beauty, and high technicality. It is designed to give all personnel of TBEA Co., Ltd. who are in it a way to survive The strong desire for development is well prepared and the process is complex, so it has quite high value of appreciation, decoration, packaging and anti-counterfeiting

5. Code anti-counterfeiting identification and identification system

by setting a random password on each product, all incoming products are recorded and archived in the anti-counterfeiting data center library, so that consumers can use, computers and other tools to check whether the password is correct, so as to identify the authenticity of products, and play a good role in product sales area management and logistics management

6. Pattern design

its biggest advantage is "design anti-counterfeiting". The principle of line anti-counterfeiting is to use very small lines and points to form regular or irregular patterns, so as to achieve the purpose of anti copy, anti copy and anti-counterfeiting. Through professional anti-counterfeiting designers and professional thread design software, various anti-counterfeiting design elements are flexibly used according to the different printing methods of the packaging, the design of the box type, the text on the packaging, the color, etc. through the ever-changing anti-counterfeiting module combination and thread combination, its repeatability is extremely low. It is a special design technology completely different from commercial design to closely combine creativity with the personality characteristics of packaging users. The elements of line anti-counterfeiting design mainly include: personalized shading; Anti scanning/copying design; Newcastle decorated flower ball; Line relief text; Microfilm; Latent image technology; Secret recording technology; Mask technology; Wire splitting technology; Disturbing image and text technology, etc

we use dotri × The company's most professional anti-counterfeiting design software, its printing shading anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly used for the anti-counterfeiting design of banknotes, securities, packaging and printing materials. So far, banknote printing plants in more than 100 countries have adopted Barco's technology for the design of domestic banknotes. Barco system has more than a dozen anti-counterfeiting modules. Different combinations of anti-counterfeiting modules are used for different needs of anti-counterfeiting to achieve the best effect. The main features are:

1. The technology is mature and reliable. As a means of anti-counterfeiting for printed matter, shading anti-counterfeiting is the most reliable. This can be seen from the fact that currencies of all countries use this technology

2. Low cost. Its technical core is mainly in plate making. There are no special requirements for printing equipment, no increase in printing cost, beautiful appearance, low cost, good anti-counterfeiting effect. Full use of lines for anti-counterfeiting can produce rich changes. The anti-counterfeiting design is completed in the plate making process, realized in printing, no increase in additional production cost, and high anti-counterfeiting performance

3. Widely used shading anti-counterfeiting technology is widely used in various securities, invoices, certificates, printed matter, packaging and self-adhesive labels

second, use professional box design software for box design

packaging anti-counterfeiting design is also an important part of anti-counterfeiting means. We use the international professional box design software Barco's artoscad software. The box type design software has powerful drawing function. The box type library that can be deployed at any time has a wide range of collapse information functions. At the same time, it can directly show the 3D image of the design sample to the customer. Selecting the box type can fold the design sample into a three-dimensional shape, fold it into the ear of the box cover, add the image and display it. Provide customers with free browsing software viewer on the Internet to view 3D box design. Customers can confirm the box design on the computer, and if there is any problem, they can immediately contact and communicate with the designer on the Internet

in the process of box type design for customers, we quickly create new design box samples from the standard box type catalogue of the box type library (with several basic box type parameters) in a few seconds, which can not only directly operate the samples into a single sample display, but also integrate the single sample display into a shelf sample display. In this way, customers can understand the shelf effect of product packaging integration at the early stage of design. This will not only improve the efficiency of the design, but also enable customers to directly enjoy the final display effect, coupled with a wide range of file specifications, and its unique integration function can also produce a detailed cost report and image change summary

third, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting is the trend of future anti-counterfeiting development

packaging anti-counterfeiting is the first line of defense against product counterfeiting. At present, anti-counterfeiting packaging is changing from the scattered anti-counterfeiting forms such as pasting anti-counterfeiting labels, laser labels, anti-counterfeiting patent containers, etc. to the comprehensive and integrated anti-counterfeiting aspects of the combination of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials and anti-counterfeiting design and printing. So far, there are more and more anti-counterfeiting technologies, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Only a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution that is low-cost, difficult to control, easy to identify and anti-counterfeiting in advance is the development direction of anti-counterfeiting technology in the future

when providing customers with anti-counterfeiting solutions, on the premise of ensuring the content of anti-counterfeiting technology, the increase in cost is a problem that customers are more concerned about. Therefore, different anti-counterfeiting technologies should be adopted for different packaging customers and end audiences

for packaging products with large production and sales volume and low added value, the cost should not be increased much when providing anti-counterfeiting packaging design. For example, the packaging of daily-use products is not of high value. Although certain anti-counterfeiting effects have been achieved by using anti-counterfeiting means such as laser holography and code, the cost of anti-counterfeiting means is high, which undoubtedly increases the cost for product manufacturers and consumers. On the contrary, if we use shading anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting and other technologies, we can also achieve better anti-counterfeiting effects on the premise of limited cost, It is also easier for consumers to identify the authenticity, so as to achieve a win-win situation between manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, when we decide which anti-counterfeiting technology to adopt, we must use it with a clear purpose. We should not only meet the low-cost needs of customers and the general audience, but also obtain a fully personalized anti-counterfeiting design to meet the needs of enterprise users to the greatest extent

for the particularity of products in some domestic industries, such as the packaging of high-end consumer goods, when we provide anti-counterfeiting solutions, we should also increase the types of anti-counterfeiting technologies according to the characteristics of high added value and large market demand of their products. While adopting laser holographic image technology, code and other anti-counterfeiting technologies, personalized printing methods are integrated into the packaging, such as silk printing, hot stamping technology, etc. the ordinary four-color printing method is changed to spot color printing, special printing point process is adopted, and the overall anti-counterfeiting shading safety design and safety printing technology on the outer surface of the packaging box are adopted, so that the electronic color separation Conventional anti-counterfeiting means such as electronic scanning are ineffective. These effective anti-counterfeiting means will not increase the cost too much, so that the combination of security design and commercial design can not only obtain beautiful effects and good visual j-strike, but also obtain a higher anti-counterfeiting effect

at the same time, the combination of printing anti-counterfeiting technology with plate making, printing and other processes is also directly related to the safety of products and the difficulty of counterfeiting. The advantages of various printing methods are fully reflected in product design, making product imitation more difficult. For professional shading anti-counterfeiting products, we combine the design with the printing process, and reasonably use the trapping and overprint of the packaging. For example, the use of multi-color serial printing technology, high printing accuracy, and fine microfilm printing will add color to the printed matter. At the same time, according to the customer's financial ability, choose the combination printing method, spot color ink or anti-counterfeiting ink. It is especially recommended that the customer use one or two groups of complementary colors, so that the color can hardly be copied for counterfeiters

packaging design and packaging anti-counterfeiting are very important for products. Only the close combination of the two can not only help manufacturers control costs, but also help consumers buy genuine goods. Therefore, the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution of packaging can not only enable enterprises to curb the proliferation of fake goods, facilitate consumers to identify the true and false, and protect the legitimate interests of enterprises, consumers and intermediaries, but also play an indispensable role in improving the brand image, product image and company image of enterprises. Therefore, when choosing anti-counterfeiting solutions, enterprises should not only consider the current counterfeiting situation, but also take into account the future development. While not changing the main design image, they can constantly improve the content of anti-counterfeiting technology

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