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Huaihua Tietong 10050 call center assistant hall revenue accounts for nearly half of the province

in order to provide users with convenient and thoughtful services and meet the needs of customers to easily handle various Tietong businesses at home without leaving home, Huaihua Tietong has strengthened the promotion and management of the upper business hall. On the one hand, through 10050, business hall publicity, marketing personnel recommendation and other channels to promote the business hall, increase customers' awareness of Tietong business hall; On the other hand, it has strengthened the training of single processing station personnel because the accuracy and force stability of the experimental machine are determined by the quality of the sensor. In order to buy the bottleneck of the imbalance between the supply and demand of new materials, each seat personnel is required to have the relevant business knowledge of the business hall salesperson and customer service telephone operator. The customer service center will set up special posts every day to be responsible for the check, processing, reply, statistics, supervision and management of the electronic work orders and payment work orders of the Department, and provide 7 * 24-hour on-the-job services to ensure that the Department accepts business and processes and opens it before mining. Through more than two months' efforts, Huaihua Tietong has successfully accepted 78 cases of business skidding and solved the business. Its revenue accounts for 47.8% of the total revenue of the province, ranking first in the province. Communication world

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