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The anti-counterfeiting application library of alcohol packaging

for high-grade wines (including Baijiu, wine and foreign wine), how to prevent counterfeiting is a concern of manufacturers. Enhancing packaging vision and giving full play to the best effect of anti-counterfeiting technology products are currently one of the primary tasks of Kurtz hot stamping foil in packaging

the anti-counterfeiting of alcohol commodities is the same as that of other commodities. The anti-counterfeiting features are required to be intuitive and obvious. During verification, other tools should not be used as much as possible. At the same time, it is required to have the function of one-time destruction to prevent the packaging from being recycled. Through the analysis of several anti-counterfeiting schemes, this paper aims to provide readers with some practical anti-counterfeiting suggestions

shrink film covered with laser anti-counterfeiting foil to seal the bottle mouth

for alcohol products that usually do not use outer packaging, laser 11 can be used. All relevant historical records can be automatically queried according to sample conditions, experimental date, experimental data and other conditions. Anti counterfeiting foil covered with shrink film can receive obvious anti-counterfeiting effect

first, the laser foil is covered with the shrink film by using the local covering technology, which is difficult. At the same time, the laser foil and the shrink film are required to remain consistent after shrinkage, which greatly increases the difficulty of counterfeiting. Because the shrink film can't be used again once it is damaged, which eliminates the worries of manufacturers


patented partial cladding technology, local cladding laser pattern

printing in different colors can be added to add beauty

unique easy to tear design, without punching, convenient and beautiful

it is applicable to the automatic packaging system with hot channel, which effectively ensures the original quality and reputation of goods

optical variable image positioning hot stamping synthetic anti-counterfeiting label for bottle mouth or packaging box sealing

because the label can synthesize a variety of anti-counterfeiting materials in terms of material and printing, and has been used for many years for anti-counterfeiting practice, it is becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, timely replacement of different anti-counterfeiting technology combinations is the only way to protect the label from counterfeiting effectively

Kurtz's anti-counterfeiting label can be used for sealing wine bottles and packaging boxes, 6 Reasonably adjust and reduce the total processing cycle. With optical variable image (o VD), combined with a variety of anti-counterfeiting printing technologies such as anti-counterfeiting color changing ink, two-dimensional bar code, serial number, combined with fragile substrate and query system, the anti-counterfeiting function is greatly enhanced. These diversified anti-counterfeiting labels integrate a number of advanced anti-counterfeiting features, most of which can be recognized by the naked eye, making it very easy for consumers to identify the authenticity of goods

optical variable image positioning hot stamping synthetic disposable anti-counterfeiting bottle cap

directly hot stamping o VD (optical variable image) on the designated position of the bottle cap, not only the pattern effect is obviously novel, but also the strict requirements on the registration degree also increase the anti-counterfeiting strength. Customers can choose to hot stamp the optical variable image of independent pattern or continuous pattern of standard design, or provide trademarks and words to Kurtz design department to design an optical variable image exclusive to the customer company

as an internationally renowned anti-counterfeiting product supplier, Kurtz's world leading o VD anti-counterfeiting technology can tailor the most suitable anti-counterfeiting scheme for each customer and each product according to the anti-counterfeiting needs of various commodities in various industries, including wine packaging

source: China anti counterfeiting Report

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