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Hualing Lianyuan Steel held the 2015 annual meeting of steel dealers: jointly plan a new win-win strategy for cooperation

Hualing Lianyuan Steel held the 2015 annual meeting of steel dealers: jointly plan a new win-win strategy for cooperation

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on November 21, a total of 126 customer representatives attended the 2015 annual meeting of steel dealers held by Hualing Lianyuan Steel. Everyone gathered together to jointly analyze and discuss new opportunities bred under the current new normal, Jointly plan a new strategy of innovation, cooperation and win-win results

in the past year, under the pressure of the steep market environment, with a strong desire for survival, and with the joint efforts of all employees and the full support of dealers and customer friends, Lianyuan Steel has seen gratifying changes in many aspects of its work. Among them, the equipment and production line advantages have been further developed by Jinan gold testing torsion tester manufacturers; New breakthroughs have been made in technology and quality improvement; Marketing channels have been expanded

in 2015, in the face of the new features and opportunities of the "new normal", Lianyuan Steel will continue to cooperate sincerely with dealers and customers. First, strive to reduce product costs and meet the standards for customers: create profit space. Under the premise of stable production in the whole process and strict control of product quality, the internal process cost will be reduced by 40 yuan/ton compared with 2014, so as to maximize customer value and enterprise value. Second, innovate the marketing mode and promote service upgrading. Comprehensively implement the marketing reform plan, actively adjust the marketing pattern, use modern marketing means, firmly grasp market opportunities, build an effective and grounded marketing model, and share quick services in the information age with customers. Third, implement the service commitments and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Give play to the advantages of product structure adjustment, provide steel products to customers in a timely, sufficient and efficient manner, and guide customers to optimize the steel variety structure and inventory structure

at the annual meeting of dealers, Lianyuan Steel promised to continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "market-oriented and customer-centric", strive to build regional competitive advantages, and jointly open a new situation of "mutual trust, innovation and win-win cooperation" with customers. There is a successful report

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