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On November 24, the Green Expo was held as scheduled. Shenyang Huali Electric Appliance Group (hereinafter referred to as Huali Electric Appliance Group), which just launched the first product carbon footprint certification in China at the Shenyang Manufacturing Expo in September this year, stood out in the specific process among more than 500 first-class application enterprises at home and abroad, and was successfully selected into the national team to compete with international first-class enterprises. It can be understood as an accident to shine the Shenyang Manufacturing Expo with the help of the home court, but the exhibition of the Green Expo makes the low-carbon concept of Huali electric appliance inevitable for the future upgrading of China's power equipment industry

carbon free technology fills the domestic gap

low carbon technology can be divided into three categories: carbon reduction, carbon removal and carbon free, and our main product feature is carbon free, which is also the goal of Huali appliance. Talking about the concept of low carbon, guoshizheng, chairman of Huali electric appliance, is very talkative. The global warming potential of sulfur hexafluoride is 22800 times that of carbon dioxide, and 80% of the gas is applied in the power transmission and transformation industry. If the environmental protection switch of Huali electric can replace the new similar equipment in the country every year, the reduced use of sulfur hexafluoride is equivalent to 46million tons of carbon dioxide

the product mentioned by guoshizheng is the full series of vacuum circuit breakers independently developed by Huali electric appliance. Contact: 0471 (4) 826452 C-GIS equipment, because there is no decomposition of sulfur hexafluoride gas during the disconnection process, it will not cause harm to human body and environment in the process of maintenance, repair, detection and product scrapping. Among them, 12 kV, 24 kV and 40.5 kV C-GIS adopts vacuum tube disconnection and dry air/nitrogen insulation to completely eliminate sulfur hexafluoride gas, which is widely used in densely populated cities and rail transit systems; 72.5 kV and 126 kV C-GIS are equipped with low-pressure (0.02 MPa) sulfur hexafluoride gas insulation. Compared with the high-pressure (0.5 MPa) used in ordinary C-GIS, the gas consumption and leakage are greatly reduced. It is mainly used in power transmission and transformation stations, urban power supply, large industrial and mining enterprises, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, railway electrification, etc

environmental friendly 72.5kV C-GIS is a product that fills the domestic gap. At present, it has passed the type test and national new product appraisal, and obtained four patent certificates and China environmental mark (type II) certification. According to the analysis and demonstration of emission reduction and environmental protection of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the reduction of sulfur hexafluoride consumption of a single product compared with similar products is equivalent to the reduction of 5000 tons of carbon dioxide. Guoshizheng said

independent research and development breaks the key bottleneck

in fact, the environmental protection disadvantages of sulfur hexafluoride insulation have existed in the power equipment industry for a long time. Under the market economy, why can Huali electric appliance, as a private enterprise, take the lead in solving the problem

according to guoshizheng, in recent years, the competition in China's power transmission and transformation equipment industry has become increasingly fierce, especially in the low-end field. Vicious competition has led to the disorderly development of the industry, while the proliferation of central enterprises and multinational groups in UHV, UHV and other fields seems to be not the best choice for private enterprises to open up a blue ocean. As Huali Electric is developing overseas markets, guoshizheng often communicates with national experts, which is exactly in the collision of this kind of thought that has aroused the green spark of thought

after determining the direction of low-carbon and environmental protection, Huali electric immediately started relevant projects. Relying on the original hardware advantages of a 200000 square meter production base, a modern fully enclosed high-voltage shielding laboratory, a fully enclosed purification workshop, and advanced processing equipment imported from Germany and Japan, Huali electric invested heavily in establishing an overseas R & D center in Germany for its technological shortcomings, and cooperated with domestic scientific research institutions and universities to use the enterprise postdoctoral workstation, Experts from the switchgear industry at home and abroad are invited to independently develop key technologies

the key bottleneck lies in the design and production of vacuum circuit breaker, especially in the field of high voltage, which is just starting in China. Therefore, we chose it to make a breakthrough and successfully solved the development problem of 72.5 kV Vacuum circuit breaker. At present, the development of 126 kV products is in progress and will definitely be launched before Japan and South Korea. In the future, we will also move up the industrial chain and independently develop circuit breaker materials. In this way, whether soft design or hard materials, we will achieve real and high-level made in China. Guoshizheng is full of confidence in this

the dream of green gold is still waiting for some time

measure the subtle deformation of the sample from time to time. After successfully mastering the core technology, the passion after the collision has been transformed into a more forward-looking strategic plan, and Huali electric began to explore broader green business opportunities

in fact, high-voltage environmental protection C-GIS has dual value. Not only does the product itself win sales in the power market, but also relying on CDM and other carbon trading platforms will open up a more potential global market. For example, after adopting our products, in addition to the electricity price income obtained from stable operation, the huge carbon emission reduction of the State Grid Corporation can also be translated into substantial economic benefits through carbon trading in China and even the world. Guoshizheng firmly believes that with the deepening of China's energy conservation and emission reduction work, low-carbon and environmental protection will become an important standard for large power enterprises to purchase equipment

when peers are still hovering at the crossroads of transformation, Huali appliance began to embark on the road of chasing green gold. In September, 2010, Huali Electric Co., Ltd., together with China Institute of standardization and British Standards Institute (BSI), jointly carried out the first carbon footprint certification in China. The above two authorities will conduct an inventory of the full life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Huali Electric's environmentally friendly C-GIS and other products according to the pas2050 specification for greenhouse gas assessment at the life cycle stage of products and services, so as to provide quantitative and standardized reference indicators for enterprises and society to reduce carbon emissions and achieve emission reduction targets

however, the new things in China's equipment manufacturing industry are always products, but they can be sold at several times the price, moving forward in twists and turns, and Huali appliance is no exception. Guoshizheng said that in the face of the rapid development of technology in the world, enterprises need national policy encouragement and capital market support to grow rapidly after mastering core technologies. The high-voltage environmental protection C-GIS has just come out and is still in the middle of its growth. I call on the government to give more support policies and operation opportunities, and invite more financial institutions and capital markets to participate together to actively support the development of the green electrical industry

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