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Huajia surface technology: to the future Jiacai

Huajia surface technology: to the future Jiacai

March 16, 2021

Huangshan Huajia Surface Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise under Huangshan Yongjia group. Founded in 1988, it is one of the earliest powder coating manufacturers in China. Headquartered in Huangshan, Anhui Province, the legal representative is Sunyi

Huajia surface has successively cooperated with Heberts of Germany, DuPont of the United States, and Aishi paint system to produce and sell powder coating products. It has industry-leading product technology and rich production experience in coating

in the field of pipeline anti-corrosion, Huajia surface has two major products, ANCO gard series thermosetting powder coating and Huajia L series thermoplastic powder coating. No matter how it changes between soft and hard, relying on 32 years of rich experience, Huajia is committed to providing lasting anti-corrosion protection for pipelines, valves, pipe fittings and reinforcement

Huajia surface has more than 700 employees, has production bases in Huangshan, Chengdu, Dongguan, Jinan, Wuhan and Huzhou, and has set up sales and service agencies in Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places

throughout the development process of Huajia, it is the process of cooperating with a number of foreign-funded enterprises, technology introduction, digestion and absorption, and borrowing chicken to lay eggs

In 1988, it cooperated with Hong Kong Meijia powder coating Co., Ltd. to establish "Sino foreign joint venture Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd." to produce "Huajia" brand powder coating

in 1997, in order to introduce foreign advanced technology and management experience, Huajia chemical transferred part of its equity to Herberts company of Germany, the world's largest powder coating manufacturer at that time, and established "hobez Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd."

in 1999, DuPont company of the United States, one of the world's top 500 companies, invested in the acquisition of 56% of the equity of "hobutz Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd." and Huajia was renamed "DuPont Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd."

in 2002, DuPont introduced the epoxy powder technology used in the external anti-corrosion engineering of natural gas pipelines in the United States in 1967 to China, and Huangshan Huajia anco-g was born. In addition, ard thermosetting anti-corrosion system powder Wardle said coating

this technology was later successfully used in domestic pipeline projects such as West to east natural gas transmission project, South to North Water Transfer Project, Sino Russian pipeline, urban water supply and drainage pipeline, etc

in 2014, Ashtar paint system of the United States funded the acquisition of 60% shares of "DuPont Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd." and established "Ashtar Huajia paint (Huangshan) Co., Ltd."

in 2019, Huajia and aishide signed a termination agreement to establish "Huangshan Huajia Surface Technology Co., Ltd."

since then, Ashtar, which ranked third in China's powder coating market last year, has changed into Ashtar coating systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and its ranking has fallen to No. 22 in this year's failure analysis: poor screw. But Huajia surface has come from behind, leaping to the fourth largest powder coating manufacturer in China

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