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Hidden two-dimensional bar code anti-counterfeiting technology and application

anti counterfeiting technology background

at present, the anti-counterfeiting technologies commonly used in the anti-counterfeiting market include anti-counterfeiting paper, laser holography, fluorescent ink, temperature variable ink, IC card, the continuous emergence of new varieties of bar codes, encryption and other various anti-counterfeiting methods. Laser holography and bar code automatic recognition technology are high-tech emerging in the 1980s. With their own advantages, their application fields continue to expand

laser holography is produced by synthetic holograms, three-dimensional true color holograms, multiple holograms, computer pixel holograms and other holograms through holographic photography, plate making, embossing and other processes. Laser holography can produce colorful three-dimensional diffraction effects. The effect of laser holography can be seen by people, so it can be copied by equipment. In addition, China has recently introduced and independently developed many laser holography production equipment. Due to overcapacity and unfair competition, this provides an opportunity for criminals

With the application and popularization of computer, the application of bar code automatic recognition technology is gradually penetrating into various fields. With the establishment of socialist market economy, the rapid development of high and new technology, the expansion of the field of economic and technological exchange, and the gradual development of document management, certificate management, logistics management, industrial automation, and the automation of commercial POS systems, bar code automatic recognition, a high-tech information technology, is rapidly developing with its characteristics of accurate, fast, and economical collection and transmission of information. Bar code, as the only machine language that can be printed directly so far, enhances the information processing ability of computer management system and control system, thus making the function of computer system more perfect. When the two-dimensional bar code appeared in the 1990s, it greatly improved the data storage capacity of bar code, got rid of the dependence of bar code on computer, and made it a new force of current data exchange technology. However, as far as the barcode itself is concerned, it is flawed and can be copied by criminals. Because the barcode is visual, it can only play a general management role in some areas with high requirements for anti-counterfeiting, such as customs documents, certificates, licenses, bank bills, and other anti-counterfeiting protection measures are needed

definition and solution of hidden barcode

hidden barcode: it uses photochemical treatment to make the barcode invisible and hidden

special reader: a reader used to read hidden bar codes

handheld special data collector: a portable reader that can read hidden barcode without computer and store it

solutions fall into two categories:

labeling solutions: the way to install labeling machines on the production line

hot stamping solution: the method of making hidden barcode on the package in the packaging factory

hidden bar code is still bar code in nature. To understand this technology, we must first have a certain understanding of the basic principle of bar code. Bar code has been in the national economy for a long time, but people's understanding of bar code is uneven. Some people think that bar code is just decoration, others think that bar code is a kind of password, even a means of anti-counterfeiting, and so on. These misconceptions are due to lack of understanding of the functions of barcode and the principle of barcode as a means of information transmission. The bar code we see is almost a sign composed of many black bars and white spaces printed on white carriers (mostly paper). We call it black-and-white bar code or clear code. It is based on the smoothness of the object surface and the light in different colors. Household appliance enterprises are facing the test of safety standards. The principle of absorption and reflection is the basis of bar code technology. When the light shines on the bar code symbol, the black bar and white space produce a strong contrast. The bar code photoelectric reading equipment uses the different reflectivity of the black bar and white space to read the bar code data. Therefore, no matter which color is selected as the bar code and which color is used as the empty bar code, it is necessary to ensure sufficient contrast, that is, PCS (print contrast signal) value. Generally, the contrast of the two colors is required to reach more than 65%. This is an important technical index for the generation of qualified bar codes. In addition, whether the geometric structure of the bar code meets the requirements is also an important factor for whether the bar code is qualified, which is controlled by national standards and executive standards of various industries

hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting technology is to use printing equipment, labeling equipment and hot stamping equipment to photochemical process the bar code while maintaining the original geometric structure of the bar code, so that the PCs value of the bar code - bar and space contrast is reduced to 0, but it can still be read by the special reading equipment of the hidden bar code, and the bar code information cannot be copied. It retains the inherent properties and functions of all black-and-white bar codes, so that it can also participate in management, At the same time, it provides users with an important extended function - anti-counterfeiting, falsification and anti cloning

hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting technology features:

multiple functions

hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting technology is a high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology that integrates light, machine, electricity, automatic bar code recognition, photochemical reaction and printing, and can accurately and quickly identify relevant data and identify the authenticity. Its characteristics are:

1 Anti counterfeiting function: after the personalized barcode information printed on the commodity package is covered with hidden anti-counterfeiting machine-readable ink, the barcode information layer, hidden layer and commodity packaging are integrated. The hidden barcode information is invisible to the naked eye and the instruments in the visible light band, and the confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting performance is very strong

2. Falsification function: the hidden barcode made of hidden anti-counterfeiting machine-readable ink cannot be read by ordinary barcode reading equipment. However, using pt850, pt102 and xd-a1 special reading devices can read the test results quickly and accurately, excluding any human interference, which has the effect of evidence in law

3. Anti cloning function: hidden bar code, its information layer, hidden layer and commodity packaging are integrated, the color is the same, and the PCs value of its bar code, that is, the bar and space contrast is zero, which cannot be copied by means of copy, electricity division, photography and so on. This comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology sets many insurmountable barriers for counterfeiters to clone and counterfeit the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting logo by using the existing technology, so that they cannot clone and counterfeit the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting logo, and establish a civil aircraft material development and qualification identification system that meets the requirements of aviation certification; 3. Explore the establishment of China's civil aircraft material industry standard system

4. Anti transfer function: the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting logo has the anti transfer function. The hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting logo is printed, hot stamped or pasted on the commodity package. If the counterfeiter wants to transfer, the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting logo PET film and the carrier of the printed information layer are mostly or completely destroyed after being removed, and cannot be reused, so as to prevent counterfeiters and sellers from transferring the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting logo

special reading device for hidden barcode

1 Special reader for hidden bar code: the heart (decoder) of hidden bar code reader is designed for the characteristics of hidden bar code. It is different from the current international and domestic popular decoder, and increases the decoding ability of encrypted bar code, which is more conducive to the needs of anti-counterfeiting and falsification

2. Wide decoding range: the special reader for hidden barcode can recognize not only all one-dimensional barcodes, but also three two-dimensional barcodes: PDF417, QR and DataMatrix

3. Accurate, fast and real-time information collection function: use pt850, pt102, xd-a1 hidden barcode special reading equipment, which has two reading modes: offline reading and online reading, and then exclude reading from the following three aspects. Both reading modes can collect the information of anti-counterfeiting barcode quickly, accurately and in real time

4. Verification function: verification is divided into offline reading verification and joint reading verification. Offline reading verification is used in the absence of network or emergencies (such as power failure, network paralysis, etc.), which is to download the information of the network database to the handset in advance for offline reading verification. The joint reading verification is realized by using the network authentication database - the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting identification data is verified one-to-one with the information reserved in the network authentication database. The verification results are automatically, accurately and in real time transmitted to the General Administration Information Center. After the data is analyzed and integrated by the information center, it is available for comprehensive utilization by all levels and departments

two dimensional bar code

1 Large amount of information: hiding the two-dimensional barcode is to improve the density of the barcode by using the size in the vertical direction. Usually, its density is dozens of times that of one-dimensional barcode, and a hidden two-dimensional barcode can hold thousands of bytes of data

2. Strong error correction ability: due to the adoption of the most advanced error correction mechanism in the world, this error correction technology hidden in the symbol can effectively prevent the loss of information due to file damage, dirt and so on

3. Key encryption: use 128 operation method to encrypt the original data information of the two-dimensional barcode used on the commodity packaging, and change the original data into encrypted data

application case

Shenyang tobacco anti-counterfeiting and monopoly management

Shenyang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Branch) officially used the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting technology system in 2002, and achieved obvious results. In that year, the cigarette sales volume was 238674 boxes, an increase of 67809 boxes year-on-year, an increase of 39.68%; The sales revenue was 1.849 billion yuan, an increase of 770 million yuan or 71% year-on-year; The tax profit was 248 million yuan, an increase of 154 million yuan year-on-year; The gross profit was 318 million yuan, an increase of 187 million yuan or 142% year-on-year; The profit was 203 million yuan, an increase of 132 million yuan or 186% year-on-year; The average gross profit of a single box was 1333 yuan, which was 33% higher than the target issued by the Provincial Bureau (company) that year

the evaluation of Shenyang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Branch) is: "The application of hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting technology system has further strengthened the function of Shenyang cigarette sales network and improved the sales level. Due to the application of hidden bar code automatic identification and anti-counterfeiting technology system, Shenyang tobacco cigarette anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting modernization and scientization have been pushed to a new stage, which will produce greater economic and social benefits, and play a role in enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness and risk resistance of tobacco commercial enterprises after China's entry into WTO It plays an irreplaceable role "

sample standards are as follows:; Slightly

ticket anti-counterfeiting management

hidden two-dimensional bar code anti-counterfeiting ticket system has appeared in many large-scale performances, sports competitions and scenic spot activities in China, and has achieved excellent results. For example, 1500 fake tickets were captured in the football friendship match between AC Milan and Shanghai Shenhua on June 2, 2004

users' evaluation of this technology is: "in the ticket of AC Milan Shanghai Shenhua Football match on June 2, 2004, the hidden bar code anti-counterfeiting ticket technology system was adopted. This technology is highly reliable, practical and easy to use. 1500 fake tickets were found in this game, accounting for 7.2% of the total sales. By using this technology, the purpose of combating fake tickets was achieved and economic benefits were improved"

the sample ticket is as follows: slightly

anti counterfeiting and anti fleeing management

introduce the two-dimensional bar code as the medium of enterprise sales data management, generate a two-dimensional bar code from the relevant information about the vehicle, and make the two-dimensional bar code through the hidden anti-counterfeiting technology. The hidden two-dimensional bar code data collector is used as the terminal for collecting bar code data, and the bar code is collected through the hidden two-dimensional bar code data collector, And through the built-in GPRS communication module to exchange data with the enterprise server, the collected data will be transmitted to the enterprise server in real time, so as to prevent counterfeiting and resellers from fleeing goods

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