Hebei will focus on supporting these steel enterpr

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Hebei will focus on supporting these steel enterprises to "go global"

recently, Hebei Province issued the implementation plan on actively participating in the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and promoting international production capacity Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). In terms of unit production energy consumption, the plan proposes that by 2020, the Chinese investment in overseas investment in the province will strive to reach 5billion US dollars, The province's iron and steel production capacity has reached 12million tons overseas and by using its rich experience in the field of composite materials

the plan proposes to focus on ten industries in Hebei Province, such as steel and cement, give full play to their capacity advantages and actively carry out international capacity cooperation. For the steel industry, the plan said that the demonstration effect of Hegang and SAIC steel should be brought into play, and cooperation with central and Eastern European countries should be expanded to further expand the European market. For Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India and other Asian neighboring countries and key African countries, enterprises in the province are encouraged to make use of existing production equipment to invest, focusing on different iron and steel projects in Indonesia, new Wu'an iron and steel Malaysia project, Wu'an Xinfeng Egypt project, etc. within the scope of Delong pull. Support Hebei Wenfeng industry, Qian'an Jiujiang wire rod and other enterprises to carry out the development of iron ore resources abroad, and provide raw material resources for iron and steel production in Hebei Province

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